First Birthdays, Fall Fashion and Fabulousness

So these past few weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least! We signed the lease on a new space in Ballantyne Village-2100 sq. ft of pure fashion deliciousness! We just finished painting the space-taking the Pepto-colored walls to a muted grey color made all the difference in the world!

So in the midst of all this madness, we celebrated our munchkin’s first birthday! It was a vintage safari themed party and it was wonderful!

Vintage Safari First Birthday

At the party, there was an abundance of Cheeky Bean gear! From my sister, to my mom, to my best gals- CB was out in full effect and I loved it!!!

I wore a dress by Dylan & Rose and loved how chic yet comfy it was-I did have to be extra cautious so as not to flash any of the party guests but what else is new?Our man of the hour had an amazing time & we couldn’t love him more!!

The ladies in Cheeky Bean gear-Amy’s top is sold out-the other items will be available soon!!

Love this little munchkin!!!

We’re Baaa-aaaackkk

So to say that we have been slightly aloof when it came to our blog would be a gross understatement. Actually, I don’t know if aloof is the correct word-we are more frightened. Yes, frightened would be a more accurate assessment. I still don’t feel totally comfortable with the concept of blogging but here is to taking a step out of my comfort zone and trying something new! We are doing an amazing Facebook offer, so make sure to take advantage of it! Let’s just say that $250 watch that you have been pining over-you know the one, rhymes with Hikel Bores ;) Anywho, we have a desginer-inspired rosegold watch for only $39.50 $19.90 for an EXTREMELY limited time! Grab yours now and thank us later.

Welcome to the Cheeky Bean’s Blog


We are UH-bsessed with this little baby and it is easy to see why! Love the color, fit, and don’t even get me started on the back…stunning!!

Welcome to our Cheeky Blog! We hope to provide you with the inside scoop on all things as well as a little insight into the crazy world of new mommyhood, being a wifey, and running a new business. There is never a dull moment around here and one of our top priorities is always to make fashion fun :) I love putting together a new outfit as much as the next girl-scratch that, maybe just a tad more. There is no better feeling than pulling out a brand new outfit from your closet, cutting off the tags (or, in my case, much to the dismay of my husband, ripping them off) and heading out for the day! Nothing gives this mama a boost of confidence like putting on some new threads :). Here on this little blog is where I will chronicle my journey of all things fashion, parenthood, and general randomness. For those that know me, the randomness will be in abundance. We are heading to Hotlanta for some fall buying later in the week and leaving the VP to man the operations :) I will be posting pics on Facebook,Pinterest, Twitter and of course here of some of the great finds!! I am hoping we have a successful and productive trip! . Anyways, cheers to a great week this week for everyone!